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Even as a child, it was my goal to study art and work as an artist. Life circumstances have not always allowed me to live my dream. But now I am once again devoting all my energy to creating abstract paintings, drawings and collages.

Hi There! I’m Christina Eva Walz, a professional freelance artist.

I graduated in 1992 with a degree in fine arts, specializing in drawing.
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My artistic career began very promisingly after my studies with successful exhibitions and the awarding of the State Art Award.

Unfortunately, my life circumstances and my responsibilities as a single mother did not allow me to devote myself to my art for a long time.
But in the meantime I have found my way back to myself and my purpose. With every line and every brushstroke, I feel that this is what defines me.

The world with all its beauty, but also its catastrophes, gives me the motivation to express myself artistically. I am driven by my inner self, including my depression, which has been with me my whole life.

I am inspired by great artists such as the unrivaled genius of Albrecht Dürer, representatives of Art Brut and abstract modernism like Dubuffet, Basquiat and Pollock.

Originally raised in Mainz, I moved to Berlin six years ago.
I currently live in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, and will soon be moving into an apartment with a studio right in Berlin.

Berlin, the German capital and hip metropolis, unites so many cultures and diverse people. The city inspires me anew every day, so I’m currently looking for an apartment with a suitable studio space in Berlin.

Immerse yourself in this world of newly created images and compositions.
>> Find your own story in it.

Great Attention To Detail​
„A line is a dot that went for a walk.“

(Paul Klee)

Am I a drawing painter or a drawing artist who paints?

My works are in a constant exchange and struggle between line and surface during the creation process.
Worlds emerge and pass away.
My artistic work includes meditative moments of complete self-forgetfulness, but also those of great conscious engagement with themes and design.

A work of art is perfect when it seems effortless and natural, like a perfect ballet, but still leaves you in awe. But within it lies a long path of development, constant practice, self-reflection, courage and the will to move forward into unknown worlds.

Gallery Wall Christina Eva Walz, Abstract Contemporary Artr
Gallery Wall Christina Eva Walz, Abstract Contemporary Artr
"Couldn't find you" , Mixed Media 120 x 80 cm, 2024, painted by artist Christina Eva Walz

Design your rooms with unique art, where no two pieces are the same.​

Each of my artworks is unique and is the result of an often lengthy process of constant transformation. I do not produce series and do not duplicate pictures.

Every painting and every drawing that you buy from me as an original exists as such only once.

The feel and appearance of an original piece of art and cannot be reproduced. An art print is of course justified, but it is not able to reproduce an original with its three-dimensionality.

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